Space Cabby 2.0 by Arvid Nelson

A while back a new fellow showed up at the regular Sunday boardgame meetup, an affable guy named Arvid. We played some games, had some laffs, discussed some Star Wars, it was all good.

A few weeks later Arvid was there again and someone mentioned him “making comics”. In my mind I suddenly thought, “Arvid. Comics. The name Arvid is unusual, yet I have heard of an Arvid. Who? Arvid…Nelson. Yes, Arvid Nelson. I know that name. Who is Arvid Nelson? He makes comics. Holy cow, I think this person right here is Arvid Nelson!”

Sure enough, the new guy was indeed Arvid Nelson, creator of Rex Mundi, which I have all the trades of and enjoyed. He’s also done Zero Killer, and is currently doing a whole passel of things: Warlord of Mars, Dejah Thoris, Queen Sonja, and Oblivion. You can read all about them and him at his website, Arvidland!

When I found out I was within arm’s reach of a comics creator, I naturally asked him the three questions I ask every comics creator: “What’s Jack Kirby like in real life?”, “Does this look infected to you?” and “Would you like to draw Space Cabby for me?”

I didn’t ask them in that order, so before he asked me to never speak to him again, he did this drawing for me!

(click to expand this space-taxi)

Arvid has re-imagined Space Cabby for a new generation of fans, but don’t be afraid of this change because (a) even though you can’t see it I’m pretty sure he’s still rocking the bow tie and (b) Geoff Johns will kill off this version of the character soon enough and restore the white man to his rightful place.

Thanks so much, Arvid! This is a great addition to the gallery!

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

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3 Responses to Space Cabby 2.0 by Arvid Nelson

  1. Bobbio says:

    Seik and you shall find.

  2. Arvid says:

    The logo looks kind of like “SPACE CABBLE”, sorry about that!

  3. Arvid says:

    The victory telegram of the British general who captured Sindh province for Victoria was one word: PECCAVI; “I have sinned”.