So the other day I’m flipping through a catalog for ‘Design Toscano.’ No idea how we got on this mailing list, because I don’t think we’ve ever ordered anything from it. Design Toscano is strictly for the gargoyle/gazing ball/gaelic chess set crowd. I’m looking through the catalog and there was a page marked “Angels.” However, the items on the page all depicted Fairies (sorry…”Faeries”), not angels. And yet, as I thought about it, I realized, yeah, they’re right. Because the two beings – angels and faeries – are pretty interchangable to many people, occupying similar niches in paranormal society. Somehow angels went from way scary beings (they always seem to begin every meeting with “FEAR NOT!”) to your little handy helper, constantly on your shoulder, scattering lucky twinkle dust all over you. More of the cute-ification of religion in America, I suppose.

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