Happy Birthday, Farewell, Good Luck!

Lots of recent transitions lately.

Happy Birthday to George, Anna, David, and Becky!

Farewell to Beth, Amy, Nigel, and Daniel, who are leaving my fair town for other places. Beth is headed for Massachusettes, and Amy, Nigel, and Daniel are all en route to Michigan.

Good luck to Beth, Amy, and Nigel. Beth and Amy will be beginning new jobs, and Nigel is taking the Bar Exam. Good luck to all of you!

And if that weren’t bad enough! in about two weeks Chris and Christine leave as well for South Carolina, due to Christine’s new job there. These are my best friends here in town, and half of my gaming group!

It’s a sad time.

Update – Photos from the farewell party and David’s birthday are now in the photo database. I’m not sure why the party photos came out so bad, though.

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