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  1. DA says:

    You know, I usually like Patton Oswalt and am all for making fun of Geek Culture (I liked Stuff Geeks Love) but this artcile is kind of nothing. I agree with the comments to the effect that Oswalt is older now and sort of places too much value of the geekdom of when HE was young. Back in the late 90s older punks were telling me about how there was nothing cool now and the early 90s were awesome; 80s punks told them the same, and before that all the “real punks” told everyone punk had been dead since 1978. Today’s punk scene seems like a bunch of dumb, retro-obsessed kids to me, but I accept that this is probably just how me and my friends appeared to others. I simply don’t see any problem with being able to access everything, instantly through teh internet. It just means people will have to make due with, you know, just ENJOYING stuff rather than taking it as a badge of intellect. We’ll have to learn to like thing’s based on their merits rather than their real-world associations. Maybe I’m getting old myself, but that seems fine to me.