A Short Walk Off a Long Previews

Even though I’m off buying new comics for a while, I picked up Previews anyway. Here are some things I may eventually get from it.

Showcase Presents: JLA vol 5. God help me, I love these dumb old JLA stories.

There is a comic by David Lapham based on the “Driver” videogames. If it’s anything like the games, I’ll just have to try reading page one over and over and never get any further.

On page 116, Vertigo, “Comics and Books for Mature Readers” presents this:

Definitely down for Daytripper TPB.

Hey Image, can we PLEASE get a Weird World of Jack Staff trade?

And now for a little math!

And wow. That’s it. Only two things this month.

Will comics even notice that I’m on a buying hiatus?

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