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  1. MaxBenign says:

    “George Bernard Shaw once complained that journalists are seemingly unable to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization.”

    Mr Moyers’s quote in ‘plutocracy part three’ is ironic and ominous in light of the incidents in part one. Cyclists are used to all kinds of excuses when prosecutors opt not to charge the drivers who kill them, but the Vail argument is one of the most outlandish I’ve ever heard. It’s audaciously like a de facto proposal for the privatization of the justice system.

  2. Ken Lowery says:

    Max, there may be something other than how cyclists are just so horribly put upon to consider, here.

  3. MaxBenign says:

    I was trying to acknowledge that with my closing sentence, Ken. I could have put it better. Rest assured I find myself entirely capable of feeling horribly put out about our national plutocratic shift *and* the narrower concerns of my particular lifestyle.