It’s the Month to Do Things!

Welcome to November! This is National Novel Writing Month, which you’ll recall I did several years ago, producing an unnecessary and unreadable 50,000 word “novel” that has since done nothing except take up space on my hard drive. I’m not doing it again, but I and the other Bureau Chiefs are helping others reach that same noble goal with the @FakeNNWMTips Twitter feed!

There’s also “Movember”, in which one is encouraged to grow a moustache through the month. What do you think, folks, should I get me a crumb-catcher?

Lookin’ good!

Well, the one thing I will be doing is making a Lego Vic Viper or two for Novvember, the month-long celebration of a spaceship from a game I never played!

How about you? What are your big November projects?

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