Synnibarr Sunday: Inception, Synnibarr Style

Here’s what you need to know to enter a person’s dreams in the World of Synnibarr.

You’ll need a spell or ability to get in, and you have to enter through the subject’s “mystical third eye (the mind)”.

The mindscape appears as an expanse of blue sky populated by clouds with golden linings. If a cloud is discolored, it represents a problem in the mind.

Within those discolored clouds are bleaker landscapes, often inhabited by dangerous beings, which are the manifestation of disease, madness, or intruders in the subject’s mind.

You can’t bring any items into a person’s mind, nor can you use magic. Only psychic abilities work there.

You cannot be killed in your own mind while in a dream. You can be driven insane, however. You can be killed if you’re inside someone else’s dream.

A person can modify the landscape of the dream world only if they themselves are not manifested in it. However, they can make no more than five changes because we suddenly needed a number.

No more than 10 adventurers can occupy a single person’s mind without that person going insane. There’s also a rule in the same paragraph stating that if more than four adventurers or creatures possess the subject, he’ll go unconscious. Although there seems to be a difference between possession and simple inhabitation, I don’t know how this reconciles.

Once inside, all folks have certain powers. They can manifest various simple weapons or items (the typical — emphasis theirs — dream weapon is a flaming sword) and make certain attacks. Like the rest of Synnibarr, it’s pretty much assumed that all you’re interested in doing is fighting.

Unless specified otherwise, all references are to The World of Synnibarr, second edition, by Raven c.s. McCracken and Bryce Thelin, copyright 1993 and published by Wonderworld Press.

This post is not intended to foster any belief in the occult.

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  1. Brimstone says:

    this sounds more fun than Inception