Dave Finally Watches: Inception

Inception showed up at the cheap theater this weekend, so we headed there Saturday night with Missy and Marty. I was interested in this movie, but everything I heard about it made it seem like it was exactly the kind of movie I didn’t want to see in the theater.

I was right. The normal inability of audience members to shut up and not play with their phones for two hours was of course compounded by the fact that it was the discount theater. Sure enough we were surrounded by chichatters who would talk through key scenes and then have to talk again because they didn’t understand what was going on because they talked through the key scene. And, of course, since they’re all heart surgeons who need to be in constant contact with the hospital, they had to pull out their stupid phones every 20 minutes.

So it’s hard for me to really comment on Inception, since as a result I was distracted to hell during it. Visually it was, of course, pretty cool (though you’d think that after spending a bojillion dollars on the visuals they would have gotten some decent age makeup.) Plot-wise…I’ll have to see it again once I can actually focus on it better. The rules of the dream world seemed to be overly convoluted, and it bugged me that the first solid rule to be established — if you die in the dream you simply wake up — is thereafter contradicted for the rest of the movie. Why even bother stating it in the first place? “Limbo” also didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but as I say, I was distracted. I will say that I was reminded of The Matrix more often than I’d like to be. Also, I was concerned about a spoiler regarding the end of the movie, but Lord, if you couldn’t see that coming from, like, 20 minutes in, then you need your movie-watching license revoked.

I want to see it again the way it was meant to be seen: in my living room, where I can put in subtitles for the mumbly parts and not have someone giggling at a text message two rows over.

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2 Responses to Dave Finally Watches: Inception

  1. Brian Smith says:

    They needed to state the “If you die in the dream, you wake up” rule because that’s Mal’s whole motivation. I thought the “It doesn’t work THIS time because we’re so heavily sedated!” twist was effective and raised the stakes, but I see your point, since that rule-violating dream and its sub-layers take up about half the movie.

    I definitely had much better crowds than you the two times I saw “Inception”. The only time that crowd noise was particularly noticeable to me was the final scene the second time around, when I could hear people getting increasingly nervous. And that was oddly charming.

  2. peer says:

    You can say what you want about us rule-abidung Germans, but Im sure happy, Cellphones are not allowed in cinemas here ;-)

    I liked inception. I was a bit bothered that the control mechanism of the mind has nothing more to offer then people with guns, but I guess you need that in an action movie.