USAA Insurance Can Eat a Bowl of Poo

The tree company came out and got the tree off the neighbor’s house and out of the yard. They also cut some branches off of the portion of the oak still standing to relieve the weight on the trunk until the rest of it can come down. As you can see from the previous photos, this is not a small tree. The portions still standing, should they fall, will hit our house and a different neighbor’s house. We need this thing down ASAP.

Meanwhile, we talked to our insurance company this morning (we couldn’t talk to anyone this weekend since they’re only open for new claims on weekends and the agent I spoke to on Friday went ahead and started a claim even though I asked her not to do so yet). The portion of the tree on the neighbor’s house is covered by the neighbor’s insurance (that’s pretty much standard). The portion of the first section that crushed our fence is covered by ours. They’ll pay to replace the cheap-ass chain link fence that got ruined. Yay.

The gigantic time bomb still standing? They’ll pay for exactly 0 of removing that. That’s right, zero. The six-to-seven grand it will cost to take it down comes straight out of our pockets. USAA sees no reason to help out with that. An ounce of prevention is apparently not worth a pound of flesh.

However, they were kind enough to inform us that should this remaining portion fall down, they will consider us negligent for not having taken it down.

Thank goodness we live in a free market society and not some Socialist hellhole!

To add to that, we’ve made a discovery involving the trunk of the tree. It’s filled with concrete. At some point, and I can’t even fathom how, someone poured concrete into the trunk, presumably to strengthen it. (The tree guys said this was something they used to do a while back but don’t anymore.) This means they can’t chainsaw it down and may have to bring in some kind of excavator or other digabozer to get rid of it. So that six-to-seven grand? Likely to be more.

And this isn’t counting the other tree that may have been damaged by the oak and may also need to come down.

Every single time I have dealt with an insurance company it has been a nightmare of trying to get them to do even the barest minimum of what I supposedly pay them to do. USAA in particular has been a severe pain in my ass on several occasions. I cannot recommend them in the slightest and, once this is all said and done, we will seriously consider giving them the same heave-ho they’re giving us, providing we can get signed on anywhere else with our tree-existing condition.

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4 Responses to USAA Insurance Can Eat a Bowl of Poo

  1. Dave H. says:

    You wrote that entire post just so you could say “tree-existing condition,” didn’t you?

  2. googum says:

    A serious problem, but yeah, “tree-existing condition” made me snort. Good luck!

  3. Rick says:

    I actually got lucky we had METLIFE on the house and USAA on the cars. My old agent bless his heart passed a few years ago but he personally came out to our 100 year old home when we were buying it about 10 years ago, and we added extra to the policy for all the original wood work through out the house. The materials to build our home using similar wood and trim was more than our house is worth. He also walked the property and we had such large a beautiful trees in the property like yours, I still remember him saying, “We will add coverage for the trees and shrubs which covers removal as well in case a tree splits or lightning only damages a portion.” Well we did have one struck by lightning and wind and the limbs crashed down on the patio and fence. The policy paid for the fence and my patio furniture it crushed and removing what was left of the tree and planting a replacement tree (not as large or old obviously )

    We pay more for the house policy then if we added it to USAA but I loved the agent.

    You may want to file on the previous owner for disguising a dangerous condition with the pooring of the concrete.

  4. sistawoman says:

    INSURANCE – 1) Money paid to protect someone other than yourself. 2) Money paid to come to your aid when you are victimized (assumption), however (reality) money paid to victimize you further in a crisis situation. 3) something that is necessary for daily living and yet is not comprehensible for a person of average intelligence.