In Case You’re Wondering Why My Quads Have Been So Blasted Lately

Becky and I have been going to the gym! I know, it’s not even the first week of January!

We started on Saturday morning, both getting on elliptical machines.

(Apparently using this machine makes me a woman, because every image I found of one with someone on it was a woman.)

We started slow, going only 15 minutes. On Monday we went back and I went 20 minutes. Yesterday I went 25 minutes, and tomorrow I’m going to go for 30. While I could certainly stand to lose some weight, the main thing I’m interested is improving my stamina so that five minutes of shoveling snow won’t kill me.

Naturally, after the first day my legs were aching, not being used to even that minor level of activity. On the second day things went better, and the third time I didn’t feel much at all. In fact, and this is the cool part, when I quit after 25 minutes I not only didn’t feel tired, I felt kind of refreshed! I wasn’t expecting that after such short a time; I hope it lasts.

In addition to the machines, we also walk a few laps around the indoor track afterwards to cool down. We’ve been doing six laps around, but it’s possible the track is smaller than the 1/6 mile we think it is, so I don’t know how far that is.

I’d like to use something other than the elliptical machine, and might look into it tomorrow. Like, maybe lifting weights or something? Something to build upper body strength? I mean, my mouse hand and index finger are golden, and I can pretty much take the Silver in Carrying-a-crate-of-boardgames-and-a-sixer-of-beer event, but I could always do better. Any gym geeks out there got advice?

Oh, we’re doing all of this at the gym at Becky’s school, so it’s all free, or at least part of her bennies, which is nice. They have all kinds of stuff there, including a rock climbing wall that I have my eye on.

So yeah, been going to the gym. I’m kind of a fitness freak, y’all.

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2 Responses to In Case You’re Wondering Why My Quads Have Been So Blasted Lately

  1. MichaelD says:

    I’m not a fitness freak, but I’ve been appreciating the free-weights. The “right” amount of weight according to the gym folks where I go is whatever you can do 10-12 reps in. If you can do more, try more weight. If you can’t do 10-12, lower the weight. That seems about right to me – I know there are schools of thought that say more weight, fewer reps but all I know about that is too much weight hurts my back due to the straining. And honestly, I look real stupid when my face is bright red with veins sticking out at my temples. So there you go.

  2. Ken Lowery says:

    The elliptical is tops for cardio. If I stick to my routine I tend to do weight machines along with the elliptical on MWF — like do the weights, then do 20 or so minutes on the elliptical. on T/Th, I’ll just do 45 minutes (if I can swing it) on the elliptical.