Office Re-Org

I have begun yet another re-imagining of my office. The new results are above.

The idea is this: In the Summer, I like sitting next to the window so I can smell out of it and bark at anyone walking by. In the Winter, that window is drafty, so I just sit on the other side of the table. The printer is easily accessible to Becky (assuming I don’t have crap all over the floor in front of it) and everything else will need only minor orientation adjustments when I move.

What’s missing is the hugelarge computer desk I used to have. I loved that desk, but it was way too big and heavy to be practical. Also, it was full of drawers, which served no purpose except to hold a bunch of junk I should have just gotten rid of. I am trying to actually minimize storage and horizontal space because the things I am usually storing and placing are things I shouldn’t be hanging onto in the first place. We have plenty enough room for the things I legitimately want to keep; it should be difficult to find space for other foolishness.

Only time will tell if this iteration of the office solves the problem of it being constantly cluttered. After all, we didn’t get rid of the one object in it that is responsible for all of the clutter…

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2 Responses to Office Re-Org

  1. Dave H. says:

    OMG. Is that a “Senior Memories” book I see on your desk?

  2. Dave says:

    Dave H.: Yep. That’s where I was scanning stuff from.