Claws of the Macra: Part XIV

THE STORY SO FAR: You are a kid on a class field trip to a huge gas refinery. You’ve discovered, along with The Doctor and Amy, that there are giant crab monsters called Macra in the plant. The plan is that in exchange for sanctuary, the Macra will eat all the toxic emissions from the refinery. The plan seems to have gone awry.

Save the schoolkids first.

(Once again, a lot of pages with no decisions.)

The Doctor runs back through the refinery, seemingly knowing exactly which path to follow. You eventually make it back to the reception hall, where a bunch of people, including your school group, are all standing around.

The Doctor tells everyone there’s an emergency and that they all need to get out of the refinery and get to safety. He herds people twoards the exit but your school group goes a different way? I’m not really following this.

He sends Amy after the kids while you and him race through the refinery. He keeps checking pipes with his sonic screwdriver and listening at them, but you have no idea what he’s doing.

A scream sounds from nearby and again the Doctor is off with you trailing behind. You make it outside where a giant crab-like creature (I suspect you can get to this page without first having encountered a Macra) is terrorizing the schoolkids. It whacks you upside the head and you pass out…

…when you awaken, you’re in some kind of waiting room along with Amy. She explains that the Macra went berserk and knocked you out, but she managed to get you to safety. The Doctor runs in and tells the both of you to come see something.

It’s a large lab filled with scientists…and Macra! He tells you not to be alarmed, though; it’s all okay. One of the scientists explains: the Macra are staying safely in the plant and soaking up the toxic by-products they feed on. It’s a perfect symbiosis!

The problem is, the Doctor explains, the Macra are scared because three lunatics are banging around through the plant. They just need calming down. He sets the sonic screwdriver’s frequency to “one that calms the fear centers of a Macra’s brain” and enters the room with the huge aliens.

He establishes contact with the Macra leader, who offers a deal: some Macra will stay behind and, in return for toxic fumes, clean the byproducts and “help your scientists solve the problems of environmental pollution.”

The Doctor is pleased with this agreement, and everyone thanks him for making it possible.

It’s been quite a day, and some school trip!


Doctor Who: Claws of the Macra, a “Decide Your Destiny” book by Trevor Baxendale! Available here if you want to explore the dozens of other plot possibilities!

The Doctor, Amy, “you”, and I would like to thank you all in helping out with this exciting adventure!


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4 Responses to Claws of the Macra: Part XIV

  1. David Thiel says:

    Well, that’s all sorted then. Thanks for the field trip, Dave!

  2. Joe says:

    When did the Doctor get the shoes that can run on water? Did we have to use the boat to follow him back to the refinery? What happened to Lying Professor Greif?

    On second thought, this makes about as much sense as the Pandorica. Thanks for the adventure!

  3. John says:

    Huh. Well, it was better than much of Colin Baker’s tenure, at least.

  4. erik says:

    What, now he approves of the arrangement?