Claws of the Macra: Part XIII

THE STORY SO FAR: You are a kid on a class field trip to a huge gas refinery. You’ve discovered, along with The Doctor and Amy, that there are giant crab monsters called Macra in the plant. UNIT claims that the plant has an agreement with the aliens where, in exchange for sanctuary, the Macra will eat all the toxic emissions from the refinery.

The Doctor does not approve of this deal.

(Okay, suddenly a bunch of stuff is happening without making choices, so bear with me.)

The Doctor scoffs at this arrangement. He points out that the Macra are hostile alien life forms that subjugate every planet they come to. And he’s very disappointed in UNIT for cozying up to alien life forms. This certainly sounds like the Doctor we all know!

The soldiers all make the “blah blah blah” hand gesture and march the three of you back to the refinery. There you are locked in a concrete cell with a dark pool of water at the center of it.

The water starts churning and suddenly small crabs emerge from it. But they’re not crabs, oh no! They’re baby Macra! (A rare sight, says the Doctor!)

You all back away and the Doctor begins using his sonic screwdriver on the door. Though it takes only moments, the hungry little beasts are quick.

The door opens, but not due to the screwdriver. A figure in a white coat has opened the door from the outside. You run through and the scientist tries to close the door, but hundreds of infant Macra are already coming through the door.

The Doctor manages to use the sonic screwdriver to herd all the creatures to the other side of the room while the scientist explains that the Macra are loose.

“Well, duh!” the Doctor says, and he really does say that, I’m not just making it up like the “blah blah blah” thing up there.

The scientist goes over the plan again, of using the baby Macra to eat up toxic waste. “What will you do when the parents come calling?” asks the Doctor. Turns out, they have.

The Doctor is very clever and realizes everyone here is in terrible danger. You all must act quickly to save everyone.


1) Help save your school party first.

2) Help save the scientists first.

Yes, after all of that, THIS is the choice you get to make.

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9 Responses to Claws of the Macra: Part XIII

  1. D says:

    Won’t someone think of the children?!? Save the school party.

  2. Mike Z says:

    Certainly the children must be saved first!

    Without them, whom else would the readers identify with?

  3. Joe says:

    Hey, my schoolmates weren’t the ones who invited the giant scraping growling glowing-eyed ice cream. Save the school party.

    Scratch that: Save the redhead, THEN the school party.

  4. John says:

    UNIT marched them back to the refinery from the island they had traelled to by boat? OK then. Let’s save the kids.

  5. Andrew Weiss says:

    Have you seen my classmates? Save the scientists.

  6. Boyd says:

    Save the kids, I guess.

  7. Mrs. Mancer says:

    THE DOCTOR DOESN’T PLAY GOD LIKE THIS. Oh wait. Yeah he does. Save the kids, I guess.

  8. David Thiel says:

    I do not like my classmates. Especially Geoffrey, who hits me in the arm. I should very much like to see them pinched to death.

    If “watch the students die gruesomely” is not an option, I say we should save the scientists.

  9. Dave says: