Claws of the Macra: Part V

THE STORY SO FAR: You are a kid on a class field trip to a huge gas refinery. You have wandered away from your tour group and discovered giant monsters in a seemingly forgotten corridor of the plant.

You exit, stage behind!

You decide to double back, but since the path you took to get here was so complicated, what with its two straight corridors with no other exits except the red door, you have gotten lost!

You somehow reach a door and, without anyone’s help at all, you decide to go through it. It leads outside.

You’re now standing underneath a giant gas silo. There are signs warning about DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES and FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS but no people around and nothing pointing you to the entrance or the little shop.


1) Try and find your way back to the reception area.

2) May as well keep snooping around because hey, what are the odds of finding TWO horrible monsters secreted away?

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7 Responses to Claws of the Macra: Part V

  1. David Thiel says:

    Wait, it wasn’t giant ice cream? I feel gypped! Let’s go find that little shop and see if that nice Mr. Caa has any ice lollies for us!

  2. MW says:

    Better snoop.

  3. Boyd says:

    2. Snoop snoop ba-doop

  4. John says:

    Yeah, I’m all about the snooping. 2!

  5. Dave says: