Synnibarr Sunday: The Difference Is, With the Spell, They Also Talk Back

Here are some important facts regarding various spells.

Silver Pentacle (30th-level Earthpower spell) – The ultimate defense, it will stop Venderant Nalaberong 50% of the time.

Irresistable Vapors of Weakness (3rd-level Mage Warrior Spell) – Can only be dodged with a Tesseract type of evasion.

Tomahawk (1st-level Shaman song) – Shamans must have a tomahawk for this spell.

Speak With Inanimate Objects (1st-level Psi spell) – An object is only aware of its immediate surroundings and has very little intelligence.

Eternal Sustenance (4th-level Mage Warrior spell) – This spell cannot be employed for more than 72 hours at a time.

Solidify Water (2nd-level Earthpower spell) – “Solid water is not ice.”

Enchanted Sack (2nd-level Mage Warrior spell) – The sack is invisible.

Ego Beast (10th-level Psi spell) – This spell cannot be placed in Psi Bank.

Dancing Song (1st-level Shaman song) – If a person has more than two Dancing Songs cast upon him within 24 hours, he must roll fate versus death.

Xandrew’s Transferable Soul (50th-level Earthpower spell) – This spell counts as one death for whoever uses it.

Unless specified otherwise, all references are to The World of Synnibarr, second edition, by Raven c.s. McCracken and Bryce Thelin, copyright 1993 and published by Wonderworld Press.

This post is not intended to foster any belief in the occult.

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