Yesterday marked birthday number eight for this blog. Can you believe that?

Here’s some of the foolishness I’ve been up to this past year.

Holy Shit! Auctions! — My first published boardgame.

HAVE YOU TASTED BLOOD? — A tribute to Voice of the Mummy.

On the Corner of Memory Lane and Cleary — I return to my suburban roots for the first time in years.

Man, I Never Wanted to Use This Image Again — The return of a depressing favorite.

They Don’t Like Socialism or Handouts, but Hotlinking is OK? — In which I pwn Freepers.

Benoît Sérialporte, Computer Detective — The Mystery of the Failing Mackboop is solved!

Opposition Leaders Call These Gestures “A Good Start” — Yeah, this sort of thing used to be funny.

Always Remember to Close All Parentheses. We’re Not Paying to Air Condition the Entire Paragraph. — The Rise and Rise of FakeAPStylebook!

Ask a Judoon — Space Rhinos on the Mooooooooon!

Triple-I Sunday: Interplanetary Insurance, Inc. — The follow-up to Space Cabby Sunday!

The Space Cabby Gallery — Finally a home for all my precious works of art.

His Icon Was a Rubber Band Holder — A tribute to a great Lego builder.

Science! and More Science! — Two Lego builds I did.

Best Comics Month Ever — February 1966, y’all.

This Used to Be the Future: Big House of Space! — The follow-up to Triple-I Sunday!

Synnibarr Sunday: Because 9 Wouldn’t Be Enough and 11 Would Be Too Much — A regular feature for fans of really bad RPGs.

After All, We All Know What the Definition of Insanity Is — I give up.

Family of “Old Flattop” Finds Song Hurtful — Lolbeatles

Elvis Costello Dog — or should I say, Declan MacManus Dog, International Art Thief?

EPIC Building: Cafe Corner — An exciting new Lego building technique!

And some memorable images:

As always, thanks for reading!

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5 Responses to Eight

  1. Stewart says:

    Happy blog-birthday, Dave!

  2. Anne says:

    Congrats on turning eight! I forgot that your blog and Sydney are the same age. It seems like just yesterday when they were still in diapers.

  3. Mrs. Mancer says:

    Happy blogoversary!!! Smooch.

  4. Bully says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Mister Dave! Can I have those Legos that fell under the couch?

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