February Previews

Here’s what I’m ordering out of the latest Previews, for those who care:

Vimanarama #2 (DC)
86 Voltz: Dead Girl (Image)
Amazing Joy Buzzards #4 (Image)
Flight v2 GN (Image)
Rex Mundi vol 2 (Image)
Street Angel #5 (Slave Labor)
Neotopia Pocket Manga v3 (Antarctic)
Doc Frankenstein #3 (Burlyman)
Knights of the Dinner Table #101 (Kenzer)
D20 Past (WOTC) (RPG book)
Fortean Times #194 (Magazine)

I’m really torn on the Bombaby TPB. It’s really crappy of SLG to make people who bought issues 1-3 (like me) have to re-buy them in the trade to get #4. This does not make me feel good about buying their comics and inspire me to try out new ones.

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