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As you all know, I am a huge fan of Cory “BOINGBOING” Doctorow. He recently wrote a column in which, by popular demand, he lays bare all the hardware and software he uses to do God’s work of documenting the gluing on of brass cogs to anything.

Another I admire much more sincerely is John Walkenbach of The J-Walk Blog, who recently did a similar blog post.

It seems like a fun time, so here’s my version of the idea.

Hardware: It’s the Mackboop, a Dell Studio 17″ laptop running Windows Vista. I don’t have any fancy monitor system, just the screen on the laptop.

External Storage: I have one of those Western digital MyBooks that has some absurd amount of storage. A terabyte? I don’t remember. I pretty much only use it for backups.

Phone: I assume he means a cell phone. We have one of those pay-as-you go drug dealer specials, but that’s it, and we pretty much only use it for travel. I hate the telephone and see no reason to have one with me all the time.

E-mail: I use Gmail except for work, and I use Thunderbird for that. I have a Yahoo Mail account but I never use it, and the last time I logged into it it was like being in a storm drain in Las Vegas.

Mobile Device: I guess this would be the iPad, but since I didn’t spring for 3G, its mobile-ness is somewhat limited. Still, it’s a device I can take places, which makes it mobile.

Mobile Media: The iPad again? I don’t have an mp3 player, so I guess it would count.

eBook reader: Yes, the iPad. I have the iBooks app and the Kindle app but I haven’t read any book books on it yet. I have Comixology and Comiczeal for comics and Goodreader for PDFs.

Browser: Firefox 3 on the Mackboop, Safari Mobile and Atomic Web Browser on the iPad. I absolutely must have ad-blocking; I can no longer stand to browse without it (though Flash-blocking is almost as good.)

Calendar: Like John, my life isn’t complicated enough to need a calendar. Becky might disagree.

RSS: I use Google Readers and on the iPad I access it through Feeddler. People tell me Reeder is better but I already paid for Feeddler and it does just fine.


SSH: When I need to get my Unix on, I use Putty. I’d like to find a good terminal for the iPad.

Text Editor: TextPad. I do pretty much all my writing in it. (In a unix environment I use pico, which I think drives my unixhead friends up the wall.) I’m still checking out text editors on the iPad.

Graphics: For creating, I use Paint Shop Pro 9. For displaying I use FastStone Image Viewer. The other guys mention special screen capture software, but I just do PrintScreen and dump it into one of those two.

Accounting: I have some version of Quicken that I use to balance the checkbook. I don’t do anything fancy on it. I don’t do any automated bill paying or budget tracking or that kind of stuff.

Office Suite: I have Open Office, but I only ever use the spreadsheet part. I use the Word Processor if someone else sends me a document file, but otherwise I do writing in TextPad.

CD Ripping: When I do it, I use CDex, but these days I pretty much just buy an album on CD, on the rare occasions I buy albums at all.

Music player: Until recently, Winamp. The iPad means I have to have iTunes, so I gave up and switched to it, but I still don’t like it. I have $20 Sony headphones that work well enough.

Audio/Video editing: I don’t do any of this.

Web Hosting: Dreamhost, which I’m pretty happy with.

Blog: All of my blogs use WordPress, and it works fine for me. I don’t do anything complicated on it, so I never use any of the fancy schmancy features.

Car Audio: The radio that came with the car. Its CD player plays MP3 CDs. which is pretty nice.

Other Tech Stuff: I have a Canon digital camera, and I scan on a Canon scanner, so I guess I like their stuff? My game console is a PS2. I have a hand-held Garmin GPS for geocaching, but not one for the car.

That’s pretty much it. Did I forget anything? Maybe it wasn’t as interesting as I thought it might be.

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  1. Anne says:

    I resent your slur re: Las Vegas storm drains. Yahoo is horrible. People live in the storm drains quite comfortably, thank you.