After All, We All Know What the Definition of Insanity Is

You may have noticed that I haven’t talked much about politics lately. The reason for that can be briefly summarized.

I give up.

For years I just didn’t care. When Bush stumbled his way into office, hoo-boy did I care. And then Obama came along and for a moment it looked like maybe we as a country were going to grow the hell up.

But we didn’t. And we still don’t want to.

I simply can’t continue beating my head against this wall. I can’t keep on wanting to engage with intelligence with others (on both sides) are content to simply bleat talking points. It frustrates me to no end to see issues that will greatly affect peoples’ actual lives treated as mere points to be scored in some game where nobody ever wins.

I’m tired of being told that I have to choose between a center-right guy or a right-of-center guy. I’m tired of every single grassroots left activist group being ignored or ridiculed while the idiotic Tea Party is taken seriously. Of seeing people who I know aren’t evil or stupid “liking” Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck on Facebook and having to wonder why.

In short, I’ve tried giving a shit for a decade now and gotten nothing different from when I didn’t, except for more frustration.

And furthermore, there seems to be no end in sight. Even as the catastrophic result of an oil company’s desire to save money over being safe flood the Gulf of Mexico and destroy the environment, as well as lives, we still want to let corporations run wild. We had to fight tooth and nail to get even a tiny health care reform in place, and its minuscule provisions are decried as rampant socialism. The same Wall Street we wanted to hand Social Security over to has fucked up the economy royally and in return we gave it cash and shook its hand and are terrified of asking it if it would mind a little bit of regulation. And the Supreme Court decides corporations can throw all kinds of money into elections.

The government of this country has consistently demonstrated that, since I’m not a billionaire, it doesn’t give a damn about me.

I guess I’m finally taking the hint.

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  1. bird says:

    morbid curiosity keeps me invovled.