So Much Lego

Dave T. was kind enough to send me a care package the other day containing the eight collectible minifigs I didn’t yet have. They’re sitting here at my desk, and some idle goofing with them resulted in this:

Speaking of Lego, as I often am, I recently read this book:

It’s about a guy who decides to take the plunge into the world of AFOLs — Adult Fans of Lego. Being such a fan, the story was familiar to me; perhaps too familiar. He hits all the right moments in rediscovering Lego as an adult, but I don’t know how interesting those moments are to anyone who isn’t already a fan. (This is not a criticism; I’m saying that, as a fan, I really don’t know how much of the book’s appeal depends on that.) There’s also a nice parallel plot involving he and his wife trying to become parents (and thus “true” adults in our society) while at the same time discovering the joys of this kids toy. A light, fun read that I recommend if you have any curiosity at all about the culture of grown-up Lego builders.

Also, the Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has an exhibition at the Springfield Museum of Fine Art that I should probably check out. I’m not a big fan of his stuff, but hey, it’s right here, and maybe I’ll feel differently if I see it in person.

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