Science! Part Two

I have now made a sequel to my Lego Science Platform!

This is the Phaladonian Space Telescope “Karwik”. It is a multi-wavelength telescope for doing deep space research.

The odd shape for this and the previous one are due to a technique in which I try to not go with my first or even second thoughts with regards to design, in order to try to make something that isn’t just yet another Thing I’d Do. Often when I’m building, if something doesn’t grab me right away I change it, but in these cases I left them, in order to go beyond my usual habits.

This required a small Bricklink order to complete, but it is totally independent of the other ship, so I have more white bricks than I thought (unfortunately many of them are still pretty discolored).

The place where the telescope joins to the body is sloppy, I know. I should cover that seam with a sticker or something.

The rest of the gallery is here. Enjoy!

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