The Eyes Have It (More or Less)

A few months ago Beebo scratched one of his eyes. Like, the eyeball itself. We took him to the vet, who gave us some drops, and about a week later he was all better.

Then, two weeks later, he scratched the OTHER eye.

We gave him more eye drops, and things cleared up some, but it didn’t seem like it was healing all the way. So Becky took him to a specialist in Deerfield. She said that there were blood vessels in the eye, so it was still healing, and just needed a boost. She prescribed a battery of eye drops and a contact lens to help it heal.

You know you are living in the First World when your dog has a contact lens.

The specialist also gave him a bunch of treats for being a good boy, and he promptly threw them up on the way home. The contact lens lasted a couple days beyond them.

Still, we kept up with the five different kinds of eye drops and today, when Becky took him back to the specialist, we got a report that all is clear!

How he got the scratches in the first place is still a problem. I suspect he doesn’t see all that great and when he’s out in the yard he walks into branches and things (it doesn’t help that he is rock-stubborn and when he wants to go from point A to point B, he just plows on through). I think we might have to get him some of these.

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One Response to The Eyes Have It (More or Less)

  1. Charlie says:

    hrrmmm…actually we had a miniature appricot poodle that had to wear those when she went outside. It cut down on the sun that was hitting her cataracts.