Best Comics Month Ever

I was recently looking through a bunch of Silver Age comics and while we all know that the Silver Age is the Best Age, I think you can pinpoint the exact apex of quality from that era: February 1966.

Here’s what was going on in DC’s comics during that month. All of these are from comics with a cover date of February 1966.

In Action Comics #333, Superman had encountered some red kryptonite!

While in Superman #184, he was off on a primitive planet fighting this guy:

The Flash, in issue 158, was fighting a guy who could disassemble his body without even having to say “SPLIT!” and whose brain was in his hair.

Batman, over in Detective Comics #348, was encountering these dudes:

Don’t imagine Wonder Woman had things any easier. This is what she was having to deal with.

But hey! In Showcase #60, The Spectre made a triumphant return!

Even in the normally somewhat-realistic war comics, things were getting weird. Here’s Sgt. Rock teaming up with the Viking Prince in Our Army at War #163.

What’s Superman’s girlfriend up to? Check out Lois Lane #63:

And Adventure Comics #341, featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes, looks at the competition and says, “screw it, we can beat all of that.”

Seriously, read Chris Sims’ full synopsis of this one if you don’t believe me.

If you were a kid browsing the rack at the soda shop in February of 1966, those were your options. Oh, sure, Marvel also had some crap about some mopey-assed dude whose superpowers were a huge hassle or something, but who wants that? If you only had twelve cents, you had to pick JUST ONE of those stories above to read. How did those kids manage?

And then, the next month, it all started over again in Superboy!

But that’s another story, for another month.

I think this is enough proof that February 1966 was the greatest month in comicsdom!


I can’t believe I forgot this! DC, knowing they were ushering in the best time in comics, featured this house ad this month!

But Dave! What of the competition? What else was going on this month? Well, Bully the Little Stuffed Bull has you covered, true believer! Head over to Comics Oughta Be Fun! and check out his examination of the Marvel offerings from February 1966!

AND MORE! Andrew Weiss covers another great company’s masterpieces enticements products from the two-six-six!

Can there be any doubt now that is doesn’t get any better than February 1966, comics-wise?

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8 Responses to Best Comics Month Ever

  1. tom says:

    Doom Patrol vs. Spiny-Purple-Glans-Bot and Metamorpho nearly Heaven’s-Gating a bull are par for the course, but these are interesting finds!

  2. asifandwhen says:

    Ok, I LOLed pretty hard at that Lois Lane alt-text.

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  5. Lissbirds says:

    I’m surprised that no Martian Manhunter comics made the cut. Pretty much any Silver Age Martian Manhunter comic was more bizarre than any of the above examples, combined.

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  7. Mike Blake says:

    Wow, Lana Lang on Ecstasy! Who’d a thunk it?

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