And Then There Was Previews

Here is an important number to know for this month’s Previews: 285.

That’s the page on which the first thing I am ordering is found.

That’s right, I went almost 300 pages into this thing before I found something I wanted to buy.

Here’s another important number to know for this month’s Previews: 285.

That’s the page on which the last thing I am ordering is found.

Your calculations are correct; there is one item in the entire April 2010 volume of Previews that I plan to buy, and it’s this:

I’m well in the tank for Jason, so Werewolves of Montpellier (p. 285) is a done deal.

And that’s it.

Now, it’s no big secret that I’m a big comics snob, but even so, sheesh! One freakin’ book?

I admit there are a few things I’m curious about and may end up getting in trades. For starters, there’s Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 (p. 107). I like Tom Strong, and it’s not like the character is so unique and special that only Alan Moore can write him, so if that looks halfway decent I’ll probably get the trade.

The Bulletproof Coffin (p. 168) looks like something I’ll probably eventually get the trade of as well (though it’s kind of giving off an unpleasant early-Vertigo vibe).

On the lighter side there’s another Dust comic! Oh GOD no.

The Judge Dredd Case Files (p. 310) are somewhat tempting, but seeing what ultimately happened with the character — and the things he was originally parodying — is probably too depressing.

And that’s it.

So even though I’ve been through the thing twice, surely there’s SOMETHING I’m overlooking. Tell me, folks, what am I missing here?

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One Response to And Then There Was Previews

  1. Sam Costello says:

    I had the same experience (even went through twice like you did), but ended up with a different comic: Rick Geary’s next Treasury of 20th Century Murder about the Ax Man of New Orleans. Should be fun (if that’s right the word for ax murder), though the case wasn’t solved so there’s not going to be a lot of closure.