His Icon Was a Rubber Band Holder

This is from a MetaFilter story I submitted this morning:

Nate Neilson is a name that is not only unfamiliar to most people, it’s unfamiliar to many of his biggest fans. That’s because he went by the nom-de-brick of “nnenn“. Neilson was a huge presence in the online Lego community, regularly putting out amazing and unique Lego creations on a regular basis, including entire building genres. He was also the driving force behind Novvember*, a month-long celebration of the “Vic Viper” (from the videogame “Gradius”) in which he and others “riffed” on a basic central design to see how many interesting variations on it they could make. Sadly, Neilson passed away recently following an automobile accident. Many of his online fans only learned this way of his real name, his job as a stay-at-home-Dad with two sons, and his other artistic outlet. He was a huge presence in the online Lego community, and he will be greatly missed. There is a fine eulogy for him (along with an overview of his work and influence) over at the premiere Lego site, The Brothers Brick. (And yes, his icon was a Lego rubber band holder.)

(Additional note: I recently started a Lego model — after a couple months of little to no activity — that is very much inspired by nnenn’s work. It’s a spaceship, and I wanted to try to avoid conventional, cliched shapes in its design.)

* – Regular readers might remember my entries in nnenn’s “Novvember” event here and here.

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