Dave Finally Watches: District 9

Pal Jim loaned me his District 9 DVD and we gave it a spin. I have to say, I thought the first part of it was full of potential but it got increasingly dumb as it went on. Perhaps this was symbolic of the transformation going on in our lead character: as he changed into a space bug, the movie changed into a dumb action flick. There was a fair amount of “why didn’t they do that in the first place” along with, “twenty years and nobody’s thought of this?”, some of which I could shake off but some of which just got straight up goofy. And then, finally, it was a little hard to deal with a “white dude learns racism firsthand” movie in which white people are evil because they’re greedy and heartless, but black people are downright savages.

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3 Responses to Dave Finally Watches: District 9

  1. You can almost see the dividing line between the movie they wanted to make (the “documentary”) which was abandoned as soon as they figured out it was just easier to do an action movie.

  2. Eric Kervina says:

    But it was still better than Avatar…

  3. Dave says:

    This is yet more proof that this die has no idea what it’s talking about.