A Confederacy of Dunces

The results of this poll are horrifying enough:

But if you check out the more detailed data (with bonus questions!) you’ll see one trend. In each case, no matter how stupid the rest of the country was, the South was always stupider!

You know, maybe we should re-think this whole “secession” thing. Let’s not be too hasty on the “preserving the Union” idea.

But honestly, the whole thing just makes you want to throw up your hands. Can we really come to any kind of meaningful agreement with people who really think Obama “wants the terrorists to win”? These are people we need to placate?

Does the Right still throw around that “Conservatives think, liberals feel” canard? Because these results sure don’t indicate much thinking.

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One Response to A Confederacy of Dunces

  1. Jeff says:

    Once it is discovered that the poll only asked self-identified f***heads, or it turns out that it was a complete fabrication, someone please come post that info.