Site Updates

Been busy at work again, which is why the updates haven’t been coming fast and furious, but tonight I was able to do a few things to enhance your browsing pleasure.

First, I updated the Legonomicon, which was woefully out of date.

Second, I finally uploaded a bunch of photos from the digital camera. We didn’t take as many in 2004 as we did the year before, oddly enough, but I went ahead and added a few choice ones to the photo album.

Third, we had a lot of photos from when Karen visited us in July. They’re now in a section in the Scrapbook. Alas, they don’t have comments with them yet, but you can at least check out some of the cool things she and Becky saw during the visit.

Finally, I realized the other day that the Interests button on the menu didn’t actually go anywhere, making some branches of my site into virtual orphans! I’ve fixed that now. Selecting that option will take you to pages on Geocaching and Lego, and to The Cool New Music Page, a feature from four years ago that I still get emails about from time to time.

It’s all part of the Legomancer team’s commitment to making the internet a better place.

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