Got a Redesign on My Mind

As I mentioned in the comments a couple days ago, one of the things I want to do this year is give this site a long-overdue face lift. I need to update the WordPress theme to make it easier to make changes to it, for one thing. And I need to clean up/get rid of a lot of the dead or outdated links.

I realize that a lot of these cosmetic changes are irrelevant anyway, as most people read sites like this through feed readers and never see any of the junk on the sidebar anyway, so it’s probably not a bad idea to just keep it as sparse as possible.

But I would like YOUR FEEDBACK. If you are a regular reader, please answer the following:

1) Do you read this site through a feed reader or by directly visiting it?

2) What in the current design is yucky and should be eliminated?

3) What in the current design is awesome and should be kept?

4) What isn’t in the current design and should be in the next version?

5) How much blinking text should I incorporate in the redesign?

Thank you for your participation!

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6 Responses to Got a Redesign on My Mind

  1. jerm says:

    1. Both, really. Its served up in my feed reader, but I often link other folks to the site directly.

    2. There’s nothing that makes me want to stab my eyes out currently. How’s that for some positive thinking?

    3. I think that you’ve maintained a fairly simple and easy site. Its not too tough to navigate, and things are pretty clear.

    4. I’m not helping out much here – I kinda like the site the way it is.

    5. NOW we’re talking improvement!

  2. Matthew Glover says:

    1) I mostly read through a feedreader, but also occasionally when you send me the direct link to an article over and over while standing outside my window in the rain and crying.

    2) The calendar widget in the sidebar is kinda old-skool. Does anybody use that? What is that good for?

    3) Random quotes and photos. Those are pretty good. All the other sidebar widgets could go.

    4) Honestly, I could stand to see the whole thing moved to a Tumblr. I only read it for the articles, I swear.

    5) All blinking.

  3. MichaelD says:

    1. I don’t use a feed reader (Firefox RSS bookmarks let me know when there’s a new post.)
    2. Maybe the yellow background, but it doesn’t bother me too much.
    3. Awesome? The headers and quotes.
    4. I never use the calendar module, but if something like a word cloud for tags exist, that’d be sweet.
    5. Can you get every even word to blink on second 1 and every odd word to blink on second 2? That’d be sweet.

  4. Tom Foss says:

    Forget blinking text, your site doesn’t have enough scrolling marquees. Also, you need more animated GIFs (wireframe skulls? dancing babies? fire of some sort?), and while you’re working on it, be sure to put the little animated “under construction” sign with the stick figure guy, so we know that you’re working on the site.

  5. Stewart says:

    I visit the site directly. I agree that the calendar sidebar is something I don’t use, but otherwise I like the general layout. I love the photos and rare video footage, and would like to see a whole lot more of it in the new version. Like maybe a short film of you shoveling the snow. Or the dog attacking a vacuum cleaner.

  6. While I don’t visit every day, I have a direct link on my Firefox toolbar. While the photos are a nice touch, the rest I never use. And given that blindie here has to go with an 800X600 rez, when you have larger photos in the actual posts, the calendar always seems to mask a fair chunk of said image. image, but I may be alone on that one. Not a fan of the blink, but I think you should have the Beebo’s alternating head-bob GIF on just about everything. Past that, I like the site’s simplicity, as it makes the entries easier to read.