My Continuing Killing of Comics

I’ve been actively buying comics since the late 80s or so. Sometimes I’ve bought more, sometimes less, but I’ve been buying continuously since then. Nevertheless, I have only five longboxes of floppies (individual issues).

Part of this is because there are some series I’ve gone back and bought as trades (softcover books that collect individual issues.) When I did that, I got rid of the single issues. I’ve also just plain dumped a bunch of stuff that I didn’t want anymore. About once a year or so I go through and stack up things I don’t need to keep and bring them to my comics shop for credit. In this way I manage to keep the quantity between 4 and 5 longboxes.

This weekend I started my usual purging but this time with a difference. I decided that this is the year I stop telling myself that someday I will re-read Armageddon: 2001, Starman, or Neil Gaiman’s Mr. Hero. Those titles and more have survived previous purges because of the delusion that they will at some point be something I want to read again, but I am abandoning that delusion. They’re going away. All of them. In fact, instead of paring a little over five longboxes down to a little under five, I’ve pared it down to about half of a single longbox.

I don’t know if Modern Myths will take all this stuff. (I long ago quit bagging because I just didn’t care, and these were stored in the attic, so some of them aren’t in 100% awesome condition.) Whatever they don’t want, I’ll get rid of somehow (I’m currently auctioning a ton of Knights of the Dinner Table comics on Boardgame Geek.) But I don’t need this stuff taking up space anymore.

Some of it I may try to replace with trades. I added a ton of trades to my Amazon wishlist and if I find them used for really cheap, I may pick them up. I’m betting that for some of the more recent stuff, as they recede further back in time, the desire to even have trades will flag.

The flip side to all of this is, I’m tired of buying floppies in the first place, and I’m not going to continue to do so. I only like reading stuff in trades. Even the floppies I currently get I usually wait until I have four or five issues of them and read them all at once. Why not just go ahead and do that anyway in a more convenient format to me?

Oh sure, there are some things that just plain aren’t going to be collected as trades, at least not anytime soon. Maybe I’ll make exceptions for those. Or maybe I’ll just not worry about them. If that hurts those comics, I’m sorry, but this is the way I prefer to do business. There’s no other form of entertainment I enjoy that expects me to pay for a single slice of it at a time. And with floppies continuing to rise in price, it doesn’t make economic sense either.

Most of the stuff I buy these days are original graphic novels anyway, so it’s really not that big of a change for me from here out. The bigger change is admitting that there no need to hang on to Powers, The Walking Dead, or umpty-kabillion Star Wars comics from Dark Horse.

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2 Responses to My Continuing Killing of Comics

  1. MichaelD says:

    It’s been a long time since I bought (or read) any comics, but I was wandering in the media aisle of the grocery store last night and saw that they sell a handful of the mainstream marvel and dc fare. I picked up a superman and green lantern and leafed through. Not to get all “you kids get off my lawn” or anything, but comics back in the day were a lot more readable.

    One last gripe – you don’t need to prove that character-A is evil by making their word bubbles black or red with white text. The horns and razor-sharp teeth were clue enough.

  2. Bill D. says:

    I’ve been weeding sporadically over the past couple of years, but I really need to just get realistic in terms of what I’ll actually re-read and go to town on the rest.