I haven’t written much on politics lately. Since the election, really. And the reason for that is, I just don’t know what to say any more. I really don’t. The election seemed to prove that fully half of the country isn’t interested in the least in reality, only the provably false “facts” of the administration and the right-wing media. Couple that with the fact that we have a president who isolates himself from the world by a protective shell of yes-men, and what’s the point of talking about the real world? May as well talk about Alderaan as far as Conservatives are concerned.

As El Generalissimo prepares for his second crowning, a lavish affair that will literally take money away from homeland defense for a parade, we find that as far as he’s concerned, the fact that he was re-elected means that there have been no problems in Iraq. Meanwhile, a scapegoat has been sacrificed in the Abu Ghraib scandal, despite plenty of evidence that this was not just the actions of isolated soldiers.

We continue to push for a ridiculously unwise plan to “fix” a Social Security system that isn’t the slightest bit broken. Bush’s programs stand on their own merits so well, they have to pay conservative pundits to promote them. We propose to hold people in our concentration camp permanently without trials. Our government proposes death squads for Iraq, and starts turning an eye towards Iran. We give up looking for WMDs in Iraq, admitting that the entire (yes, entire. Bush told Saddam he could stay in power if he turned over his nonexistent WMDs, so “freeing” the Iraqi people was not a goal) reason for this war was a sham. For those willing to click through a brief ad, Salon magazine presents no fewer than 34 scandals which have been more or less ignored.

And like the sickening dull hum of a florescent light there’s this constant background noise of the desire for an American theocracy.

What do you do? What can I, some geek with a website, do when even the major political party supposedly opposing the Republicans just flaps its little arms and runs around in circles, completely useless and impotent?

Like many others, I’ve just run out of bile. I feel no connection to this government or this country. The actions taking place in the name of America repulse me. The people supposedly representing me in fact disgust me. The majority of my fellow citizens baffle me. I’ve no idea how long it will take America to climb out of the snake pit it’s sunk into.

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