The Hoth Life Day Truce

Behold my Christmas Lego scene for this year!

On Life Day, which fell during the Battle of Hoth, Imperial Troops heard Rebel Soldiers singing Life Day carols in their trenches. The Snowtroopers caroled back, and soon a flag of temporary truce was erected. Rebel and Imperial soldiers met in the “no-man’s land” at the front and exchanged gifts, shared food and drink, and generally celebrated the holiday together. The generals on each side — Veers and Rieekan — were opposed to this, but unable to prevent the troops from participating. By the time each found out, the soldiers had returned to their positions and artillery had recommenced.

This scene is based on the Christmas Truce of World War I. I managed to pretty much build the whole thing in one night, with some adjustments the next day. You can see more in the set on Flickr.

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6 Responses to The Hoth Life Day Truce

  1. Kevin says:

    Lovely, just lovely. Too bad Bea Arthur couldn’t make it.

  2. LordBobbio says:

    No, it’s q GOOD thing Bea Arthur couldn’t make it…. same goes for that annoying kid from Eight is Enough. Now Diane Carroll circa 1978 in a skimpy outfit, that I can live with….

  3. zhu wuneng says:

    Pure win, I love it.

  4. Tommy B. Goode says:

    This is cute, and I get it, and I’m MMMMMF MMF MFMMMFFMM taping my mouth shut to avoid MMMFRL ruining it by pointing out that the Imperial solders are all MMFMFFFRRRGGLL clones of one guy and probably not raised for festivity… oops.

  5. Dave says:

    That’s your issue, huh, Tommy?

  6. Christine says:

    This makes me so happy.