Fantastic Mr. Fox

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we went to go see The Fantastic Mr. Fox. This is notable, of course, because that makes it the only movie I saw in the theater in 2009.

I went and saw it despite this review on Google that made me think the movie strayed quite far from the original source material:

Predictably, we were two of six people in the theater, since the movie wasn’t by Disney or Pixar and didn’t feature farting CGI animals. That’s fine by me. We thoroughly enjoyed it. My only complaint was that it didn’t have long mopey parts about divorce or some shit that dragged the movie to a halt periodically.

Of course, we’re both Wes Anderson fans, so the usual mix of dry humor, quirk, and 60s music was fine by us. Was it faithful to the book? No idea, never read it. Is it something kids would enjoy? No idea, couldn’t care less. If you haven’t liked any of Anderson’s other stuff, will you like this? Probably not, but who knows?

So there you have it. Fantastic Mr. Fox is, without a doubt, the BEST movie I saw in the theater this year, BAR NONE.

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