Happy Novvember

The Vic Viper is the spaceship from the classic videogame Gradius. One of the Lego builders on Flickr, nnenn, hosts an event called Novvember, where he and others build variations on the basic Vic Viper design. My design last year was inspired by the movie Tron. Yesterday I finished one for this year.

It’s a very retro design, and went through a lot of drafts before I hit on a shape I liked. I was trying to steer away from the stuff I usually do.

The Vic Viper essentials are: two “prongs” that extend from the front, two side wings set towards the back, and a single tail fin.

My model is more wide than long, but I think I’ve preserved the basic idea.

The two cylindrical “engines” were the starting point, and the arches on the wings were what really got the whole thing going.

Check out the other Vic Vipers folks have submitted! Happy Novvember!

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