Suddenly, Obama! (Previews for November)

Last month’s Previews was a bit of a disappointment. Will this one do the same? Wait, let me rephrase that — will this one prove to let one down in ways other than general faith in the goodness of humanity? Let’s see!

Hellboy returns to the realm of Stuff I Will Buy with The Wild Hunt TPB (p. 37). It includes sketches from the artists, which are always fun. Honestly, I don’t know why anyone buys Hellboy/BPRD stuff as floppies anymore.

Over in DC world, All-Star Superman vol 2 is finally in softcover.

“Calling Captain Marvel! Plastic Man! Batman! Green Arrow! Pants-Man!”

Joe the Barbarian #1 (p. 108) is a miniseries from Grant Morrison, who I love, but I can wait for the trade. I’m not crazy about the muddy artwork, though.

The Green Lantern Honor Guard Ring is ribbed…for her pleasure.

I’m sorry, Paul Grist. I’m really sorry that The Weird World of Jack Staff #1 (p. 140) is not the Pick of the Month. But you see, my heart has been broken too many times. Oh I’ll get it…assuming it comes out…but I’m not going to get excited about its possible continued existence.

Youngblood volume 2, cutting-edgingly titled “Voted Off the Island”, was originally solicited in 2008 with this cover:

It’s been resolicited with one minor change:

Can you spot the difference?

I have to say I’m more than a little curious about the Mister Amperduke book (p. 206). Here’s the solicitation:

The tiny citizens of Mr. Amperduke’s miniature city must battle a giant, marauding insect as their benevolent master and the Panzer Meister race to save them in this dark and compelling adventure. Since its debut as a 6-page story in Judge Dredd Megazine, this story, told silently without words, has been acclaimed, with appeal to LEGO collectors. This compelling adventure offers a new mode of visual storytelling to long time comic fans and new readers alike.

Speaking of solicitation text, here’s the blurb for Four-Eyed Prince vol 2 (p. 222): “Sachiko has a huge crush on Akihiko, a cute boy whose glasses somehow make him even hotter. When she meets a group of hard-core fans of eyeglasses, she learns about the dreamy ‘four-eyed kiss’. Can she convince Akihiko to give her one?”


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t absolutely love Jason, so you’ll all be thrilled to know he has a new book, Almost Silent (p. 231)!

I’ll be getting Doctor Who #7 (p. 241), though I’m starting to think trades might be in order for this series.

I really like Lewis Trondheim’s stuff, and his “Little Nothings” series has been quite nice, so I’ll be grabbing vol 3, Uneasy Happiness (p. 249).

I got Becky hooked on 20th Century Boys, for which volume 7 is solicited here (p. 273), but she’s regretting it now that it seems like we’re in for 20-something volumes. Is that right? Anyone know how many volumes this will be?

Hikaru no Go vol 18 (p. 274) is a series of stories about the side characters, which is a nice break.

The geek “bacon” thing has gone far beyond tiresome.

On the other hand, the Dagobah Frog Habitat is incredible.

Page 359 includes two different methods for fans of the original Star Trek to enjoy alcoholic beverages. What is Previews saying about fans of the original Star Trek?

So the answer is, yes, a more promising month!

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