It’s Snow Blizzard! (Har!)

Yesterday the weather reports predicted between one and three feet of snow over the evening! Holy cow! We hustled out the grocery store along with everyone else in the city. It didn’t help the situation that today the Patriots are playing in some Superbowl-qualifying game or something and people were buying stuff for that as well. Then we got home and hunkered down.

Well, this morning we saw that we got off pretty easy. Only about a foot of snow, which you can see here:

My parents tell a story of when I was a wee tot, getting me bundled up to go play outside in the snow (this was before we moved to Louisiana). After getting on the coat, hat, snow pants, boots, mittens, scarf, etc, my mom would open the door and I’d say, “Nope! Too damn cold!” and turn back around. (Apparently I cussed like a tiny sailor.) Such was the case with Beebo this morning. He wanted to go outside until Becky opened the door for him, at which point he felt otherwise.

So we spent a good deal of time this morning shoveling snow and envying our neighbor’s snowblower. We didn’t have to shovel or envy as much, though, because two of our other neighbors were kind enough to go up and down the street with their snowblowers, clearing off the sidewalks and front walks. That was very kind, and if we ever invest in a snowblower of our own, that’s something I plan to do. It’s a small but nice thing.

I also shoveled a little path for Beebo to go off into the grass, and he’s feeling much better now.

So now we’re just taking it easy. Becky’s reading and watching some TV, I was reading and am now working on mix CDs. Beebo’s sleeping, which is business as usual for him. I don’t know why people complain about the snow. For us, it’s “snow” problem! HAR!

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