Space Cabby Sunday: The Anti-Gravity Man!

I’m just going to warn you right off the bat: if you have any science laying around, you might want to move it away from the computer while you read this. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to throw it out afterwards.

We open with Space Cabby flying through space, minding his own, when he suddenly gets a call for a cab. Wha? Out in the middle of nowhere? It turns out the call is from a guy in a spacesuit who is just hanging around in deep space!

The guy pulls himself into the cab with much effort and, since he isn’t a criminal, turns out to be a scientist. His name is Professor Thaddeus and he was working on an anti-gravity ray when the machine backfired, sending him shooting away from the Earth!

So now the Professor can’t get near any large object, as the anti-gravitational force pushes him away. It took all his effort just to get into the cab! Space Cabby’s first idea is to take him to a small world, possibly full of endlessly singing children, but it’s no dice…even the smallest civilized asteroid pushes against him. So now this jerk has decided to make himself a nuisance to Space Cabby!

Space Cabby has only just begun to plan out his new life, confined to the cab with this guy forever, when he finds himself heading into a meteor swarm. And not only that, the meteor repulser is dead! Thankfully, Professor Thaddeus can help out!

(Take a look at that panel for a second. Remember when Space Cabby had three people crammed in there, besides himself?)

They get through the meteors and start running low on fuel. The only place Space Cabby can stop is at a gas station on a tiny meteor, and even then it takes all his jets to do so! But this gas station has problems of its own! The cap came off the storage tank and all the fuel is jetting into space!

Oh please. Space Cabby solves twelve problems worse than this before lunch each day!

That takes care of that, but we still have two more pages to fill! Thankfully, Space Cabby starts thinking of ways to make this anti-gravity thing work out for him. They head to a magnetic asteroid where a ship carrying gold crash landed. Normally any rocket getting too close would crash into it, but the anti-gravity forces let them land safely! Space Cabby figures that the Prof’s anti-gravity power will overcome the magnetism, even if they’re hauling a load of gold.

As they walk through the pouring rain to the crashed treasure, Space Cabby is all hunched over because the magnetism on the asteroid “works on metal, wood, glass, people…everything!” But, two panels later:

Without the Professor’s power, they’re stranded! However, the clear blue sky gives Space Cabby a clue…it was raining before. Rain is formed by water vapor…rising. So obviously, water is immune to the super-magnetism!

Seriously, don’t think about it too hard; you’ll just hurt yourself.

It follows, then, that to get off the asteroid

Et voila! They are able to take off with no problem! SCIENCE!

They head back to Earth, where they split a reward for the returned gold. As the Professor departs with a promise to be more careful in the future, Space Cabby is relieved to have this guy out of his life and Otto Binder is relieved to have barely made one more deadline.

Next week: Follow the Space-Leader!

“The Anti-Gravity Man!”
Mystery in Space #41 (December 1957-January 1958)
Writer: Otto Binder
Penciler: Gil Kane
Inker: Bernard Sachs
Editor: Julius Schwartz
Cabby/Cabbie: Cabby
Table of Contents

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