By the End It’s Just Non-Stop Sobbing

There’s a wargame called Unhappy King Charles! which simulates King Charles the First’s clash with Parliament about, essentially, who wears the pants in the family. The titles of wargames are usually either boring (“Battle of Armies at War”) or “exciting”…to wargamers. (“Tanks and More Tanks!”), so I admire the decision to go with an unorthodox and intriguing title for this game.

But that comes at the cost of being deceptive. Although there is little doubt that King Charles is probably not dancing about singing “Oh What a Beautiful Morning!” the game doesn’t — from what I can tell — actually quantify his unhappiness. If a Eurogame were to be given the thrilling name of “Selling Cloth in Renaissance Europe” you can bet that somewhere on the board will be a track where you can see the selling price of cloth, where in Europe we are this round, or how close the Renaissance is to being over with.

So I decided to fix this oversight and create an Unhappiness Track to be used with Unhappy King Charles!

I haven’t played the game or read the rules, so it’s not integrated with any of the play mechanics at all, but I leave it to the players to develop its use.

What’s more is, I uploaded it to Board Game Geek and despite their vexing decisions regarding image approval in the past, it actually got accepted!

So there you go! You now can tell, at a glance, exactly how unhappy King Charles is at the moment!

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One Response to By the End It’s Just Non-Stop Sobbing

  1. Cathy says:

    Ahaha, that poor guy! And now I want to use that image instead of the usual faces pain rating scale.