It’s Seriously Cutting Into My Spelunky Time

So my latest computer game infatuation is Elements, which that right bastard Dave T. introduced me to. Elements is an online “card” game in which you are a wizard with a variety of spells and creatures dueling with another wizard to reduce his life or run him out of cards.

Does this seem familiar?

(click to cast “Giant Growth”)

It owes more than a little to Magic: the Gathering — it’s more like Magic than unlike it — but that’s fine with me as I just got rid of all my Magic cards, it’s free, and I can play it against my pals.

The artwork isn’t great, but it works, and the implementation is really good. The AIs are generally challenging and there is PvP (though I have only played against friends so far, not strangers.) There seems to be a lot to explore to keep interest up.

Right now my element of choice is Aether. I’ve got a mean little stripped-down Aether deck that I’m having a fair amount of success with.

If you played Magic in the past, go check it out!

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2 Responses to It’s Seriously Cutting Into My Spelunky Time

  1. MichaelD says:

    The girl in the red dress needs your help, you know. And those mummies on level 13 aren’t going to beat themselves.

  2. I am amused by how this made it to you. My friend Ben B., was told about this game by a friend he works with over at Volition. When Ben told me about this neat game that ‘steals your soul’, I thought, surely not, but I’ll check it out. I called him a couple days later, and said, ‘Ben, you SOB@’. Then I told Tim V. about it. He caleed me, in turn, an SOB, unaware I called Ben the same. Tim mentioned it at game night, so Dave T. starts playing, and tells you, Dave L.

    I have played far too much of late. I am 849-518. After I figured out the deck I wanted, it goes wins about 2.5:1. It is, which should be no surprise to those who played me when I used to play Magic, a ‘rainbow’ deck, with Time (for the card draw), Wind for the Firefly Queens, Emerald to feed the Queens for the Firefly swarm, and Amethyst for the Fallen Druids to upgrade the Fireflies. A few others are thrown in, like weapons and an Improved Miracle.

    Good times. I actually like most of the artwork. And yeah, it’s a Magic rip-off, but I love the fact there are no blockers, no stack issues, no Counterspells, and the AI is very well done.