Disappearing Magic Act

I mentioned a while back that I was thinking about selling my Magic card collection. The thinking is done; I have since then gone through and catalogued all my cards and it looks like I have a buyer for them.

All told I had just over 11,000 cards from as early as “Arabian Nights” to as late as a few cards from “Time Spiral”. Most of them were in pretty good condition, even my older ones from before I used sleeves on them.

Which card was the most “valuable”? Obviously my Mox Ruby:

Well, maybe not. That’s a proxy card I made that I found stuck in with the real cards. Other proxies I found, most of which feature my dazzling artwork, included this one:

and this one

and this total Class Act:

(Note, that was made before 2001, so it’s not as bad as it could have been.)

I had a good time going through the cards. It brought back a lot of memories of specific games, in-jokes, decks I played with, decks I played against, cards I loved, cards I hated, and the often horrible artwork.

I say I’ll miss the cards, but I haven’t touched them since I moved here six years ago, so that probably isn’t true. I’m glad they’re going to someone who is buying them with the goal of actually playing with them. He’s getting the whole shebang, except my Mox Ruby. He can’t have that.

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2 Responses to Disappearing Magic Act

  1. I feel the need to mention the proxy you made me before you left Champaign: Merfolk Asskicker, 9/9, Firstest Strike. As you know, I did the same, selling my 8K+ cards (not the whole collection; kept a few boxes of decks and misc) and traded, essentailly, for 2 new board games. Felt good to rid myself of the garbage to get better stuff. Still play at times, but Magic has lost its spark for me.

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