Birthday Legos

Thanks to all the folks wishing me a happy birthday yesterday!

In addition to the stuff my family and friends got me, I also went out last night and treated myself to a couple of new Lego sets. The one I definitely wanted and hot was 7749: Echo Base:

The reason? TAUNTAUN. In fact, I will need to have a second of these, I think.

I looked at Squidman’s Pitstop but it just didn’t grab me at the price. I also considered the Separatists Shuttle but eventually I had to admit that I was only interested in it for two of the four minifigs, which didn’t seem like a good justification. (They didn’t have the Pirate Tank, which I would have grabbed in a second!)

Finally I settled on 8968: River Heist, which gave me orange bricks, awesome hair, and another dynamite.

Yay for new Legos!

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