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By now you’re hopefully familiar with two regular comics features I have a hand in: Dateline: Silver Age (with Dave Thiel) and Space Cabby Sunday. But you know, there are plenty similar things out there. Here’s a partial list of regular blogs or blog features that all focus on a single comics-related theme or title:

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld! — Tangognat’s rundown of this niche character is what inspired me to do the same with Space Cabby. The first entry is here.

Ripples Through Time — And Laura “Tegan” Gjovaag predates that, with her rundown on all the Aquaman stories. It starts here.

Star Trek and Rom — Blogger Siskoid takes on both Star Trek and Rom comics!

Chris Sims is made of stronger stuff than you or I, and dissects each issue of Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose and Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. The former books are not safe for work or children or working children and neither is safe for sanity.

Andrew also dons the haz-mat suit for a new feature called Nobody’s Favorites in which he dives to the bottom of the barrel to find the absolute dregs of the comics world.

Every week Brian Cronin delves into the mysteries surrounding Comic Book Urban Legends…Revealed!

On Tuesdays, you can have your Gil Kane Punch of the Week, served up by Doctor K!

And speaking of slugging, why not celebrate the laziest of days with the laziest of characters in Mike Sterling’s Sluggo Saturday?

Also on Saturday, Sims examines The Many Moods of Batman.

Did I call Saturday a lazy day? Bully the Little Stuffed Bull celebrates Saturdays with Separated at Birth, a weekly exploration of synchronicity and ideaspace!

And then he follows it up on Sundays with Ten of a Kind, galleries of covers that share a common theme!

Furthermore, if a six-year old stuffed animal hasn’t already showed us all up with his dedication, he’s been giving us 365 Days with Ben Grimm every day, spotlighting everyone’s favorite ever-lovin’ blue-eyed hero.

Kevin Church provides us with our US RDA of Darknight Detective with The Daily Batman.

And finally, Bob Mitchell completes the World’s Finest superheroes with The Daily Superman!

I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of these types of offerings, so please feel free to link to others (yes, even your own!) in the comments. I’m not looking for reviews, though, or Previews tours, I’m looking at regular features or blogs focusing on a single title, character, creator, or comic trope.

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4 Responses to Dedicated to Comics Dedication

  1. Maxo says:

    I’ve been posting panels and commentary about Marvel’s “The Human Fly” — — and just recently started a series highlighting sound effects in comics called “Adventures in Sound” —

    Thanks for putting this together, Dave!

  2. Dave says:

    Maxo, I meant to have your Human Fly entries in the post, but forgot at the last minute. Thanks for adding!

  3. Phil Looney says:

    Leaving Dazzlerfan off this list is a slap in the face to Dazzler fandom everywhere.

  4. Siskoid says:

    Thanks for the plug. The fact that no one’s taken the Micronauts is only encouraging to give them a spot once Rom wraps, you know that.