Nature May Abhor a Vacuum, But We LOVE Them!

Vacuum cleaner lovers, tired of having to sift through acres of Internet porn just to find a few pictures that appeal to you? Then you need to go to


The first porn site strictly devoted to your unique fetish!

And we’re not talking about a few grainy pictures of Electroluxes from 1974, either! Take a look at some samples of what WWW.HOTHOTVACUUMS.COM has to offer!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up for WWW.HOTHOTVACUUMS.COM now and finally get what you’re craving! They’re waiting for you!

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3 Responses to Nature May Abhor a Vacuum, But We LOVE Them!

  1. blathering says:

    I will have to take a photo of my vintage electrolux. I inherited it from my great-great aunt and it still works. It is in superhot turquoise from the early 50s.

  2. Dave says:

    *fans self*

  3. tom says:

    Good post, but unfortunately the internet is conspiring to undermine its humour by making hoover porn seem normal.

    Oh god, wait, it’s me isn’t it? HOOVER PORN IS NOT NORMAL!