This is a little tiny spider:

[click to see tiny spider]

He was on my ceiling. Along with about thirty bozillion others. It’s like Shelob’s lair in here all of a sudden. Normally, I’m a “catch the bug and put it outside” kind of guy, but these things? No, they gotta go. They’re freaking me out.

I am a little concerned.

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4 Responses to ANNA DON’T LOOK

  1. pronoblem says:

    These are “common house spiders” which I understand are a relative to the hobo spider. These do bite and can give a good welt and sting. Usually people find that they have been bitten while sleeping.

    I am a catch and release guy too, but I kill every single one of these I see. I happen to be allergic to them. I am not sure if a bite would kill me but I must have been bitten a few times before developing the allergy. The second to last time I was bit it was “holy shit what was that” as I brushed it off. Then I had a pretty big welt that weeped from the location of the bite. The second time I was bit happened during a very rare occasion where I was riding a motorcycle wearing shorts (I was a safety guy, this was unusual and a very hot day). Well, one of these had found a home between the seat and the tank on the motorcycle and it crawled out and bit me on the inner thigh while I was driving on the highway. It was white hot pain. I almost lost control trying to brush the thing off. Only about ten minutes later I arrived at my destination. When I placed my foot on the ground it felt like there was glass in the bottom of my shoe. My leg was covered in petechiae (do a GIS for examples) and I could not walk do to the pain. I was driven to the ER by a coworker. Antibiotics, antihistamines, pain meds and some other injectables were given as shots in my ass and via IV. I was better in minutes.


  2. pronoblem says:

    I probably will not be returning to your blog until that image is off the front page. Please, someone, drop me a line when this happens.

  3. Dave says:

    I put it behind a clicky-link.

  4. Anne says:

    I’m looking forward to our visit.