Mackboop Backoop

The Mackboop has encountered its first problem. The optical drive won’t read CDs. It reads DVDs fine, just not CDs. I called Dell and they determined it to be a hardware issue, requiring me to send it in.

As a result, I’ve been moving files off of it as a backup. Cleaning out directories, putting files where they belong, and so forth. This thing was a mess! I had never fully put things where they belonged when I got it, so things like photos, mp3s, and such were in several different places. I had also moved over a lot of garbage I shouldn’t have.

I’m something of a packrat on the computer, keeping just about everything until the drive fills up and then backing up or deleting it only then. This time I started to do things half-assed and then decided no, I would actually do it right this time. I filed everything in a proper place, combined a lot of separate directories, and did good backups of things.

I also found the joy of the delete key. I looked at a directory full of Dungeons and Dragons 4e pdfs I’d downloaded just to peruse and just hit delete! They’re gone! All those comics I’d downloaded and never ever looked at? Gone! Stuff that in the past I would have slapped on an archive disk and then forgotten about I just went ahead and deleted. It was so very refreshing to do — and addictive!

Of course, after I backed it all up I discovered that for a nominal fee I could have a dude come over and replace he drive without me having to send it in. He just left and I have a brand new optical drive — with the same old problem. So it wasn’t the drive.

But I’m about to test if it will burn a DVD. If it reads, plays, and burns DVDs, then I couldn’t really care less about the CD burner. I don’t play CDs in it, I don’t have to make CDs in it, so it’s no big whoop if it doesn’t work.

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3 Responses to Mackboop Backoop

  1. Dave says:

    Well, I just successfully burned and then read a DVD, so…

  2. Stewart says:

    Doesn’t your new car play MP3 CDs? If so, wouldn’t that be a good reason to be able to burn them, so you could keep rocking out to Baltimora on your summer road trips to the Whaling Museum?

  3. T. Derscheid says:

    Hooray! Closure on that anecdote!