Dark Horse: 4, Dave: 0

In the magical world of Previews, it’s always a few months from now. So one of the first things I’m seeing are the Halloween Mini-Comics (p. 17). We ordered and gave those out last year and they were a big hit…I only found one or two of them on the lawn the next day. The books are very inexpensive, and this year’s titles are pretty good except hey, Fantagraphics? Nobody under the age of 35 cares about Popeye.

Dark Horse begins its assault on my wallet with BPRD: The Black Goddess. I read the last BPRD trade and am now wondering if I missed one. In fact, it probably wouldn’t hurt for me to go back and re-read a few.

Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai (p. 28) is the first ever Usagi OGN. The price is, to be honest, in the glue-sniffing range (and bordering on crack-smoking), but it’s Usagi, so I’ll pretend not to notice.


I’m a big fan of Dean Motter’s “Mister X” stories (as well as his Terminal City and Electropolis stuff) so I’m really looking forward to this trade for Mister X: Condemned (p. 36), the new Mister X series that just wrapped up!

And, in case I haven’t used up my budget in the first 40 pages, here’s Beanworld Book 3 (p. 38)!

I think I’ll just order the next three things from Dark Horse!

Emily the Strange #2

On second thought…

Whew! Out of Dark Horse, so I can settle back for a nice calm ride.

DC offers Wednesday Comics #9-12 (p. 60) which I think still sounds pretty cool.

They also have Gotham City Sirens, which along with Marvel Divas is making me really look forward to Drawn and Quarterly’s D+Q, T+A!

In The Brave and the Bold #27 they are actually bringing back “Dial H for Hero” except now it’s “Text H for Hero”.

Fallout Toyworks (p. 130) is “inspired by the ideas and lyrics” of the band Fall Out Boy. Which I think means that someone from Green Day once dropped a notebook with a comic book idea in it.

Oh hey, Image has a new issue of goddamn Bomb Queen but not of Jack Staff.

The text for Tiffany’s Epiphany (p. 142) says, “The animals in the forest are being bullied! Jack the Rabbit decides to confront the culprit, only to find out the bully is a SKUNK named Tiffany! A lighthearted and humorous tale that shows how wrong it is to be a bully, as well as how lonely being a bully can be.” Oh, is the bully lonely? Boo dee fucking hoo. How’s about we get off this idea of how misunderstood bullies are?

I found my original copy of the King City manga thingy, so I’m going to try to re-read it before I decide on King City #2 (p. 153).

Oh hey, Image has a new issue of Dead @ goddamn 17: Afterbirth but not of Jack Staff.

Oh hey, Image has a new issue of YOUNG GODDAMN BLOOD but not of Jack Staff.

According to this solicitation, Ripclaw is the most popular member of Cyber-Force. Isn’t that like being the tallest Munchkin in Oz?

Now this is interesting! Logicomix (p. 210) is a graphic novel about Bertrand Russell. I may have to make room for this.

I’m going to get Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror (p. 212) because how can I pass up Simpsons a la Kevin Huizenga?

Fact: I IMed a yaoi manga description to Chris Sims and he IMMEDIATELY identified it as being for Selfish Mr. Mermaid from DMP. FACT.

Here’s the newest issue of Doctor Who (p. 265) as well as a stand-alone story, Doctor Who: Black Death/White Life. Are either of them written by Rich Johnston? Nope? Cool, I’ll buy them, then.

Have you been playing and enjoying Fallout 3? Then you’re going to want to buy Wasteland. I’ll be getting Wasteland #27 (p. 280).

DID YOU KNOW? “In 2008, Radical Revolutionized comics.” Somehow, this is a little-known fact!

Hell yeah I’m getting 20th Century Boys vol 5 (p. 305)!

So Eoin Colfer was picked to continue Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Some HHGttG fans are NOT pleased, as demonstrated by this hard-hitting satiric Lego vignette.

This toy is the Star Wars Force Trainer (p. 364) and, no lie, it scans your brainwaves and acts off of them. Now, obviously you’re not going to be moving the bag of chips closer to you with your mind, or force-choking that bully skunk bitch, but if this toy does even a little of what it claims, they are all going to get snapped up by BoingBoing readers looking to “hack” them mercilessly.

I always forget that Tom Baker was in the Hellraiser movies.

This is a die-cast model of Rei Ayanami’s entry plug, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

And finally, the Games section has all kinds of sourcebook for Paranoia, the RPG everyone loves but nobody actually plays!

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4 Responses to Dark Horse: 4, Dave: 0

  1. BobH says:

    You find the USAGI book high priced at $15? I don’t get that. It’s pretty much the story content of three issues of the regular series, which would be $10.50, only with painted colour and as a hardcover, which surely warrants a few bucks extra (and in my case, since I get a higher discount and lower sales tax for books versus magazines, it’ll probably end up costing me about the same, maybe ever a few cents less, than 3 issues of the on-going series).

  2. Blasterhappy says:

    That Tom Baker figurine is plum creepy!

  3. Dave says:

    Yeah, I find 64 pages for $15 to be high priced, hard cover or no.

  4. googum says:

    “And finally, the Games section has all kinds of sourcebook for Paranoia, the RPG everyone loves but nobody actually plays!”

    True. I always thought it sounded fun…