I Thought I’d Never be Dry Again

Becky’s sister Karen was in Portland for a conference, so after it wrapped up on Thursday we drove up there to hang out with her!

It was rainy, foggy, and gloomy the entire time we were there, but we still had a good time. How gloomy was it? Well, here’s the view from the top of Mt. Batty:

See all the landmarks the helpful guide is pointing out?

Also, at the end of this breakwater is a lighthouse, believe it or not:

So yeah, it was pretty grim out there. But the storm moored just off the shore made for some awesome ocean action!

And let’s face it, what better way to walk the rocks and look at lighthouses in Maine than while wrapped up in a raincoat? I’m disappointed we didn’t all have yellow slickers!

We did do some indoors things. There was the Portland Museum of Art, which had a really cool exhibit on exploring the Arctic. We checked out the marine observatory as well. And of course there are like a million little shops around, which we browsed — and occasionally bought — in. There was also good eats all around, and we had some Thai, some burritos, and of course seafood, though I think Karen was the only one who ate any lobster. (I just don’t know about lobster. It’s okay, but I’ve never eaten it and gone, “HOLY COW I AM PUTTING THE SUPER GOOD STUFF IN MY TUMMY RIGHT NOW!”) And naturally we had breakfast at Becky’s Diner, because there’s nothin’ finer! I tried some of the local brews as well, and brought home a six pack of Belfast Bay “Lobster Red” Ale.

We drove up to Camden and hoofed it around there and Rockport a bit, but mostly we stayed in Portland proper, walking around on rocks near the ocean.

Sorry I don’t have much exciting to report. It was merely a pleasant, relaxing trip.

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3 Responses to I Thought I’d Never be Dry Again

  1. Anne says:

    Awwww, nice photo! Sounds like a lovely time despite having skipped the lobstah.

  2. Stewart says:

    Looks like a good trip! When I am out in the east coast with the family next month, I plan on eating New England lobster and ice cream nonstop.

  3. pronoblem says:

    I lived in Kennebunkport on the beach at Goose Rocks growing up. We rarely ate lobster. I don’t think I’ve had any in 10 years besides some that was stuffed in a ravioli. I don’t see what the big deal is other than a vehicle for getting butter into your mouth. Pretty one dimensional as a food, maybe if it were in a stir fry, stew or something like a crab cake I’d enjoy it more. Now, chopped clams on a pizza now that is something else.

    Portland Museum of Art had that arctic exhibit up when I was there in January. They also had Giorgio de Chirico Piazza d’Italia on loan, one of my favorite artists. One thing, I need to stop going to art museums. I go to MassMOCA, that same day Robert Rauschenberg dies. I go to Portland and it is Andrew Wyeth… (with both museums the associated artist being a huge part of their permanent collection)