Whisky Tastin’ Fool

Yesterday was game day as usual, but also another event. Table and Vine was holding a single-malt Scotch whisky tasting that Matt and Al were planning on attending. As Matt and I were carpooling, I figured I’d tag along, though I didn’t have any intention of paying to try any Scotch. When we got there, though, it turned out it was free! (Though they were taking donations for Shriner’s Hospitals, so I kicked in some bucks to that.)

Now, I’m not a big drinker of serious liquor. Hell, I can’t tell you much about wine, even, apart from the color. I know beers I like, but to this day don’t know a stout from a lager from a pilsner or whatever. I’ve never had much of a taste for any of the hard stuff. In high school I “drank” screwdrivers but honestly, I probably would have been just as content with straight up orange juice. I know that part of this is the usual reason: the cheap stuff, which is what is usually available, isn’t any good. Why did I not develop a love for beer in high school? Because the kind of beer one gets hold of in high school is garbage. Later on you discover that beer is supposed to have a flavor and then you have a better chance of enjoying it. So the chance to taste some really good stuff was something I didn’t want to pass on.

And good stuff it was. I don’t know from Scotch, but man, there was a whole lot of tasty on display there. We were trying stuff that goes for $200 a bottle, and it was niiiiiice. And even an absolute newbie like me could taste the differences in a lot of the things.

There wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t have happily taken a whole bottle of, but I think our favorite of the bunch was the Glenmorangie Signet, which was one of the aforementioned $200 bottles. I can’t see the day I’d spent $200 on a bottle of Scotch unless I had either gotten news of my lottery win or my upcoming death by plane crash, but Glenmorangie also has a thing called “Nectar D’Or” which was a very close second for only $70. It actually had me wondering about how much of my ass Becky would kick if I bought a bottle, and I decided I could not spare that much ass at this time. (Even the normal Glenmorangie was pretty good, though.)

So take it from a complete Scotch novice, that Glenmorangie is gooooooood stuff. Thanks to Matt and Al for letting me tag along!

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4 Responses to Whisky Tastin’ Fool

  1. mattwran says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself! And remember that it’s never too late to pick up expensive, decadent hobbies. That pictured bottle is what I ended up choosing for my dad’s (60th) birthday present. I will be hand-delivering this particular gift because I fully expect him to share.

  2. Dave says:

    I wasn’t going to mention that because now what if your dad does a Google search for “matt dad 60th birthday present”? HI MATT’S DAD.

  3. Matt's Dad says:

    Hi Dave! Matt has told me a lot about you!

  4. mattwran says:

    Dang, caught. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to drink this myself and get my dad something else – a tie maybe.