Apparently, I’m an AARON

Received my copy of The Rack: Year One (Mostly) by Kevin Church and Benjamin Birdie, and it’s gorgeous. In addition to the strips, it includes an intro from world-reknowned comics retailer James Sime and an interview with Church and Birdie by the esteemed Doctor K, as well as some hotcha pin-ups. Well-done, guys! I’ve been working, so I haven’t had a chance to really dive in yet, but the pin-ups are great, as well as the dedications on the front cover. These guys are doing a really snappy strip with humor and depth, and you really should check it out!

Kevin also threw in some goodies with my book, including a cast member pin: “I’M AN AARON”. An AARON? YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS OUTRAGE, CHURCH!

(Note that a review copy of this book was not provided by the creators for this post; in fact not only did I buy it, I was told to “Dance! Dance for your book, plaything!”)

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